Feel the Russian Technologies

Today, I am going to explain you about how to feel Russian digital technology. As a cultural sciences university student, I can say that technology is not just a thing. It is a product of long and deep process of a society. It reflexs the way of people and reflexs the greatness of people.

So, why not to try these technologies in order to feel the Russian way, the Russian technologies.

ROSA Linux

ROSA Linux with KDE | Source: Rosalinux.ru

Change your computer or laptop OS to ROSA Linux.

ROSA Linux is a linux distro based on Mandriva. It use .urpm packages instead of the common .deb in Ubuntu or .rpm in Red Hat. This may seems to be hard for debian users which is the common Linux users but it means that ROSA Linux is unique and different to the conventional ones.

It is the most powerful and Russian distro. An article in LinuxInsider labeled this distro as "a Real Powerhouse". In DistroWarch, it gains rating 9.0 based on 45 reviews and the popularity remains constant in the top of 100.

Even focusing on KDE integration, ROSA Linux comes with various DE. KDE, KDE Plasma, LXQt, and XFCE. And also comes in 32-bit and 64-bit version. So, literally, ROSA Linux is a distro that is very friendly for your hardware.

Powerful, unique, but still friendly are the value of ROSA Linux.


Messaging app with rich feature and lightweight

Change your messaging app to Telegram

Telegram is one of the most popular messenger apps in the world. According to Statista, in January 2021. Telegram has 500 million active users, the fifth most popular on Earth. Among the big five, only Telegram is from Europe.

Founded by Pavel Durov and his team that mostly from St. Petersburg, Telegram is not just a regular messaging app, It is far more complex and rich features. You can use it to build a chat group with 200 thousand and more members. Create braodcast channel with unlimited members and with comment sections. Enhance your creativity and the function of Telegram with Telegram bots. Store your file on your channel privately or publicly, and play video and audio in it. And a lot of things you can do only in one app.

Telegram is not from Russia but it is made by mostly Russian. So, I can say that Telegram is a product of Russian people.

Unlike WhatsApp, even if you have tens of groups or channels, Telegram still can run well on you phone. So, never worries about being slowed down by this app's background activities.


VK the Russian Facebook | Source: Zdnet


Change your social media to VK

The Russian Facebook, we can call it, is one of the most popular social media in Russia and CIS countries. It is the 17th most visited website in the world in December 2020 and 65.2 million mobile users in December 2019 according to Statista.

Unlike other American social media, VK is not American style and even not under American law. It is a social media that offers you almost anything. You can play music, video, save document, photos, etc. And the most of all, it is one of few social medias on earth that has Russian communnism ideology.

I do not say communism in terms of political ideology, I mean communism in terms of freedom to use any properties. Unlike Spotify or other audio streaming subscription, VK offers audio player free without ads. You can play any available audio from various artists around the world or just ordinary people on VK for free on 320 Kbps quality. Furthermore, many samizhdat communities on VK are providing many thing on free. From Netflix, HBO. or Russian cinemas like START and KinoPoisk to regular Russian soaps. Not just about cinema, you also can find many photography arts here.

Russians always know how to make something less expensive and more accessible for anyone.

AIO Launcher

Source: vodytech

Change your launcher to AIO Launcher

AIO Launcher is a simple desaign launcher and intended for user who value the simplicity and less distraction launcher.

AIO Launcher is a Russian Android Launcher that has unique approach compared to the same simple value-based launcher. Unlike other similiar launchers, AIO Launcher is very lightweight and simple but it has rich features. You can make notes, reminder, alarm, news feed, control panel and even read notification.

Rich features but still hold the value of simplicity and lightweight is the most interesting about Russian technology.


Source: Wikimedia

Change your Google to Yandex

Yandex is one of the most competitor of Google in world. Yandex has similiar services just like Google. From translation, email provider, search engine, voice assistant, and more.

In some points, Yandex is better than Google. Yandex Music is far better than YouTube Music in terms of Russian contents. Yandex's image search is also better. For Russian language compatibility, Yandex is also better since it is the native language. You also need to use Yandex translate for Russian translation alongside with Google Translate. QR code log in also will make the way you log in more easy.

So, if you want to feel the Russian Google, why not to try Yandex.

Library Genesis and Sci-Hub

Search any books and journals on both platform.

Russian always has the way to make something premium to freemium and available for anyone in the name of freedom. So, that's why Library Genesis and Sci-Hub exist on earth; To fullfill the Russian fate or in Russkaya sudba.

You can search any kind of book and journals on Library Genesis for free. And on Sci-Hub, you search any journals. So, this two sites are two of the most important sites for any researcher and academias around the world.

These are alll what I want to say. Whether you agree or disagree, Russian technologies are different to the American. Some people may disagree with it but it is the way it is. Unique Russian culture and the way of thinking give birth many technologies that is unique and make the world more unique.

This is a script for my upcoming video, feel free to comment and make suggestion.