Q&A with Jing Xing 2020

Here is some questions about me

> Langkah 5 tahun ke depan (plan for the next 5 years) from uten

> Kenapa dengan Jing Xing (why's Jing Xing?) from Ade

> Who are you? from SGT. JAISYFATH

Here is my answer:

My plan for the next 5 years

Going to YouTube

As I planned in June this year that I would go to YouTube next year. I have been writing my blog since 2017 and now, I think it's my time to go YouTube. YouTube seem to be something big even though I myself do not like the idea but I have to do.

For me, blogging is much better than Vlogging but the demands of video is getting more and more nowdays.

Being a writer in Berita Beruang

I bought a new domain: Berita Beruang.monster. I intended to dedicate this domain for Central Asia and Eastern Europe. And, I want to be more serious in this matter.

The site that will use is in Indonesian Language as it is my mother tongue.

Berita Beruang will be something big, I think. I have read a lot of medias that promote Post-Soviet countries and they usually have problems. The problem is when they come to poilitics. And Berita Beruang will be something different.

Berita Beruang will not go to politics and it will promote Central Asia and Eastern Europe. There will be no politics and anyone can enjoy.

Completing my Russian and starting Kazakh language

I have been learning Russian since the year 2019, and I think, it is time to me to take it more seriously. 2021, I will start reading and speaking Russian. Then the next year 2022, I will try to take TORFL or any certification on Udemy.

After completing my Russian, I am going to learn Kazakh language. Kazakh language is a Turkish language so it will be challenging, I think. I also want to make career regarding to this country. Love to Kazakhstan.

Start learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

I am not a computer guy but I am a software enthusiast and blogger. So, I think HTML, CSS, and JavaScript will be helpful and fit to my future.

Web design is something unique because website is home. I can put everything on my home and welcome everyone to come. Unlike social media, website is yours. You have your own site

Why's Jing Xing and Who are You?

Jing Xing is me

I actually not use this as my name in real life. It is my name in internet since my first active and still Facebook uses this name. If you find Jing Xing in internet, it could be me.

Since Jing Xing became more famous, I expanded the name as my brand "Jing Xing Internasionale" (JiXi Int.) which is my "company" name. I have some business like ASXING, Lugansk Cell, etc. All of them are under the banner of JiXi Int.

In a simple way to describe is that I am a Moslem, Salafy, a linguist student who interested in Functional Grammar, and a language maniac. Furthermore, I am an enthusiast of software, journalistic, and post-soviet countries topics.

You can find me on Facebook, VK, my blogs, Telegram channel, and my YouTube channel to know more about me. You may find me on other social media platform but I just active on these.

Thanks to everyone who enjoy this website and also who contribute for the bill (my parents).

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